Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poem: Life

Wars, wars near and far,
Earthquakes, tornado, hurricanes,
All these natural disasters,
So close to home,
Tearing up the earth, whirling round and round,
Destroying homes and even the land,

Humans dying,
People crying out,
From all the pain,
Sickness, starvation, incurable disease,
Eating away at humanity,
From the inside out,

Crime and violence,
As never seen before.
Murder for no reason at all,
Rape, innocent victims screaming out,
So many in prison serving time,
Suicide for those who no longer know what to do,

Disobedience, of authority,
Including their parents,
Immorality of every kind,
All of these things happening,
Yesterday, today and tomorrow,
No peace in sight or so it seems,

We need to look further,
Before time runs out,
We only have one more chance,
To make our lives better,
Don’t give in to humanity’s selfish plight,
Make the right decision for yourselves.

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