Saturday, October 16, 2010

Story Never Ending

i was remember something, i can't to forget it,
something that make me to remember about u,
i still remember how we meet and the place we always meet,
i'm still remember that moment,
everyday i was taking u in front your house,
too much memory about us,
until my self didn't know what was happen..

but, all that just a short time,
i never been see we like a couple,
we has too far from each other,
but i know that we need each other,
but between us didn't have a love,
i know who i am,
thanks for everything,
i'm really love u until my last breath,
when i cried every night, only inside my heart was know what i feel..
i can't forget about u,
i can't forget about us,
i can't forget about our memories,
i was make all that just a my dream,
but i'm not saying, i'm sorry,
until oneday we will meet again,
lastly, i'm not forget our memories,
for me, our memories is the story never ending..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Past, Present and Future

staring at your face beautiful smile,
make me quiet and stare,
understand the presence of the most beautiful love,
when you hug me tenderly,
too many words i was unable to reveal,to you..

i want you always present and keep me company,
in each my step and my confident,
you was created for me,
past, present and future..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Mood: Sadness (sleepy)
Activity: Create a short poem
Title: "Hopeful"

My love is lost in memory,
Like a day without sun,
Like the full moon night but without light,
To the end of time I'll be your side,

Like a heaven without a modest,
You're like the last breath exhaled,
Here I await anything,

I pray for you to attend,
Living off our love together...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Until My Last Breath

There's so much I wanna say,
Through words T tried to convey,
Bombastic words and colorful phrase,
I tried to use, but all in vain.

Poems, lyrics, compositions too
I tried to write all that I feel,
But nothing beats these simple three words:
I Love You..

Until my last breath..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'll Meet You There

If we could sit together a moment and talk forever just to pass the time,
I would smile as the shivers and chills run down my spine when your eyes are locked on mine,

Deep inside of you there’s a ruby glow,
And it gets brighter than you and I will ever know,
There’s a rushing sound that surrounds us when we walk alone,
And it’s everything we’ve never known,

If we could just be immobile for some time and finally figure out the way we feel,
About the missing puzzle pieces and cloudy question marks that still look a bit surreal,

I tend to disappear here and there,
So concentrate and you’ll feel me everywhere,
we’ll fill the metro skies with country air
And when you close your tired eyes, I’ll meet you there,
then, you could be anywhere,

Open your eyes and see everything you can be..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Locked In Love

I cant recognize who i'm
when i'm lookin in a mirror
shackled by the love i have for you
and i know that u feelin the same
we were once both 2 beautiful minds
attracted to each other
the differences that we had
somewhere along the line we kinda lost out way

so i'm not just gonna sit around
and let u forget what we were
once there was strength in being together
we need to find keys out of this prison

i cant remember the moments we shared
when im staring at the pictures
the ones we hung on the wall
why cant we be like that today
we we're once both glowing with love
drawn into each other

loving every moment we spent
what can we do to recover that
how did we get so blind
how do we find a way

I'm Secret Admirer

Your glinting eyes
Your sweet smile
Your adoring laughter
Your soft touch

Wonder if I'm able to chase you
Wonder if I'm able to have you

Her face..
Her beauty..
Like that of a heavenly fairy...

My dream is for us to be together
I know I'm the secret admirer
Filled with memories of you
Bittersweet memories I can't never forget...

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Not Over

Why is it over?
We had the chance to make it,
We can to change it,
It can't be over,
I wish that I could take it back,

I'm falling apart, you're falling apart,
Don't say this won't last forever,
I'm breaking my heart, I'm breaking you're heart,
Don't tell me that we will never be together,
We could be over and over,
We could be forever...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Is All About?

From the start I'm confuse
From the start I'm attracted to you
From the start I feel restless
I don't know what is all that

When I'm with you
I feel my soul is calm
I always miss you
Everytime you're far away from me

Why am I anxious
Feels as if I'm drowning
My mind is shadowed by your face
Why am I anxious
Feels as if I'm drowning
I need to know do you feel the same way too

Without you by my side...
My life feels so empty
Your shadow always distract me
Everytime I hear the sound of your voice

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love My Mom

I'm really miss my mom,
Rindu masakan mama,
Rindu nak peluk mama,
Rindu nak cium tangan mama,

Semoga tuhan berkati dan curahkan rahmat kat mama,
Agar mama sihat slalu dan jaga diri mama,

I always love u...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Dad is a great Father

Der 1 lg cter yg aku nak kongsikan kat semua.
Cter ni bukan stakat cter, tp ianya kenyataan yg penah blaku kat mak ayah aku.
Perkara ni xpenah aku lupe.

Mak ayah aku asl memang org kampung, ayah aku study pun smpai form 4 jew,
mak aku lak smpai tahun 6 jew, at least dorg reti menulis n membaca.

Bermula dgn ayah dan mak bru dh kawen,
dorg kawen pun mse tu ayah aku berumur 21, dan mak aku umur 20,
ayah aku bekerja sebagai petani, bercucuk tanam kat kampung,
mak aku lak keje kutip biji lada.

Hidup pun memang kais pg mkn pg, kais ptg mkn ptg.
Duit pun ala2 sekadar cukup jer,
tp sejak aku lahir pd 10 February 1990,
hidup mak ayah makin sempit sbb nak beli susu utk aku,
disebabkan dlm kesempitan hidup, ayah aku bernekad g merantau,
ayah merantau ke BRUNEI utk mencari nafkah hidup,
ayah memang xde duit lansung, tp der tauke getah yg bg ayah pinjam duit
utk belanje g BRUNEI.

Mse ayah dok kat BRUNEI,
dlm mse 2 bulan tu ayah der $ 480 dollar utk belanja mkn dan keperluan,
dan kta ley bygkan cne nak mkn $ 480 tu dlm mse 2 bulan, bayangkan...
Setiap hr ayah mkn berlaukan sardin, 1 tin sardin tu ayah mkn utk 2 hari,
sbb terlalu nak saving duit utk dikirimkan kat mak yg tinggal kat kampung bertemankan aku yg masih bayi...

Ayah memang berdikari dok kat tmpat org, ayah xde saudara mara yg dok kat BRUNEI.
Sorg pun ayah x knal, dan ayah pd awl nya bekerja sebagai pemecah batu,
gaji sehari pun dlm $ 20 dollar. Lpas tu dlm mse 4 bulan ayah ley saving duit dlm $ 2000 lebih.
Lpas 4 bulan tu ayah balik ke kpg dgn $ 2000 dollar tu tuka dlm duit MALAYSIA pun dlm
RM4000. Ayah bwa mak ikut skali ke BRUNEI, mse mak kat BRUNEI pun mak keje jd cleaner kat skolah, mak membantu ayah mse tu.

Dlm setahun mak ayah dok kat sana,
pastu der rezeki yg tuhan bg kat ayah,
ayah dpt tawaran ikut kursus SAFETY COURSE, under BSP (brunei shell company).
Course tu pun agak mahal gak yuran, dlm $ 1900 dollar.

Tamat ayah kursus tu, ayah trus keje dgn BSP, ayah dh keje senang skit sbb xperlu nak keje jd pemecah batu. Mula ayah bru masuk dh dpt $ 2 ribu dollar lebih.

Tp skg ayah keje dgn BSP sampai gaji mencecah $ 5 ribu dollar.
Selain tu skg ayah dh der business sendiri kat BRUNEI,
Ayah bg SAFETY COURSE kat org2 baru, tp income tu pun kira ok gak.

So skg ni aku bersyukur sbb mak ayah dh senang.
Adik pompuan aku pun sepatut bersyukur sbb dye lahir,
hidup dh senang, adik aku mse bayi pun dh dlm keluarga yg senang.
Klaw mse aku kecik2 dulu mne der minum susu mahal, amek baki kopi tu pastu masuk dlm botol susu, tu laa yg aku minum.


Aku minta maaf klaw cter aku tunggang langgang,
anyway, thanks kat semua yg sudi baca cter aku ni..
Tp tu laa kenyataan hidup yg mak ayah harus trima,
namun skg rezeki dh smpai kat ayah.
Aku cter semua ni bkn nak menunjuk tp aku x penah lupe dan aku slalu nak berkongsi dgn kwn2 aku...aku x malu aku mengaku aku org miskin,
dh memang aku org miskin.


About Me

Hye kpd semua, baru jer wat blogs ni.
Lpas ni der ag yg aku akan post kan.
Tp sebelum tu aku nak kenalkan diri,
i'm Edmond billy, lahir pd 10 February 1990,
lahir kat Sarawak, then memang asl dr
Sarawak, so skg ni aku dok kat Puchong Selangor,
aku dok sini pun sbb aku study.
Aku der sorg adik pompuan, nama dye Emilyna Louisa.

Ni post pertama aku, lpas ni mungkin byk lg yg akan
aku cter. Aku pun xtaw nak mulakan dr mne,
jgn lak korg gelak per aku post ni,