Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tutorial: Game Killer (rooted)

Before we start, make sure your android device have been rooted.

By using this app, it is very easy to hack. But it cant hack all games. Of course, it has some limits. For hacking, there should be some "value" like score, distance, coins, money etc. You can't hack things like fuel, speed etc. Also, you cant hack multi player games and games which cannot play offline (of which scores are saved on the game server).

1. First, open Game killer and minimize it. You can see the game killer icon on the left top of your screen.

2. Now, open the game you want to hack and start playing.

3. Pause the game and check the game score/coins whatever you want to hack, at that instant.

4. Tap the Game killer icon on the left top to open game killer window. Enter the score at that instant to the search field (data type: AUTO IDENTIFY). Now you will get a list of memory locations where the similar value is stored. At the first try, there will be lacks or crores or memory location which has the same value. 

5. Resume play and play for some time for at least a small change in the score has occurred.

6. Open game killer and enter New Score as search item and search again. Now your search result will be decreased considerably. Repeat the steps again to limit the search results to 5 or 6 (maybe 1).

7. Now play again and ensure that it is the correct memory location.

8. Now you know what to do! Just edit it to set into desired value and enjoy!!!

Note: Sometimes there will be more than one memory location to store the score. Of these sometimes one is the actual location to store the score and others are just dummy values. Patch each of them and try. Sometimes you may need to patch all these to crack the game. It's a Trial and error method.