Saturday, October 16, 2010

Story Never Ending

i was remember something, i can't to forget it,
something that make me to remember about u,
i still remember how we meet and the place we always meet,
i'm still remember that moment,
everyday i was taking u in front your house,
too much memory about us,
until my self didn't know what was happen..

but, all that just a short time,
i never been see we like a couple,
we has too far from each other,
but i know that we need each other,
but between us didn't have a love,
i know who i am,
thanks for everything,
i'm really love u until my last breath,
when i cried every night, only inside my heart was know what i feel..
i can't forget about u,
i can't forget about us,
i can't forget about our memories,
i was make all that just a my dream,
but i'm not saying, i'm sorry,
until oneday we will meet again,
lastly, i'm not forget our memories,
for me, our memories is the story never ending..